There are times when our little family starts to feel disconnected. Typically it’s a result of one (or both) parents being busy and distracted with work – which throws the balance off, add in a little end of term tiredness, a series of disrupted nights, or family illness, and you can just feel the tensions rising. The signs are many and varied – everyone is that little less patient and quicker to snap, small things become big problems in the blink of an eye, the girls seem to be constantly vying for my attention, the TV is on more often then usual, and these are just a few of the signs!

I know straight away that we need time to reconnect and be a family together without the distractions of work and everyday home life, and I love the idea of a family date to achieve just that. Some time together, either at home or out and about, to do something just for the sake of having fun. Don’t we all deserve as much fun as possible in life?! So I have collected together 14 ideas for spending quality time together dating (and having awesome fun with) your family.

Getting out and about as a family

1. Have you tried the global treasure hunt known as geocaching? It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, with the thrill of the search giving family members reason to work and talk together.

2. Hiking gets everyone outdoors, active and (hopefully) enjoying the fresh air. Go Explore Nature has some great tips for making hiking fun for kids.

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14 Fun Ideas for Dating Your Family