Depending on whether you share your classroom with another teacher or have your own, here are 17 strategies you can apply to make learning easier for students with learning difficulties.

1. Talk to students regularly to let them know that you are there for them – These kids are smart. They know what will help them to learn more effectively. You need to ask them, “How can I help?”

2. Seat the student close to you so they can hear you clearly and so you can see when they need your help.

3. Allow students close access to the whiteboard if you are teaching from it. Copying from the board takes a great deal of mental energy and a high level of visual processing skill. Make it as easy as possible.

4. Don’t waffle. Teachers love to talk ‘at’ kids. Give your instructions clearly and concisely to reduce auditory information overload. Face students when speaking and call for quiet when you are giving instructions.

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17 Ways Teachers Can Support A Student With Learning Difficulties
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