It’s the end of a long day. You’ve just arrived home from work, completely exhausted. You flip on the TV, collapse on the sofa, and catch the end of your favorite program. You savor this quiet time.

Just then, your child begins to whine and carry on. He wants a slice of chocolate cake before dinner. You tell him no.

“You promised!” he demands. “You said I could have it when you got home.”

You tell him to wait until after dinner. He stands in front of the TV. “I want it now. Right now!”

You close your eyes and take a breath. Maybe you count to 10. But your kid turns up the volume: “You lied to me! I waited all day for you! I hate you! You’re stupid!”

Okay, freeze-frame: This testing moment has just tipped into a bullying moment. You’re being verbally assaulted and degraded by your own child.

What do you do?

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3 Errors Parents Make When Their Kids Bully Them
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