My mom came home from work one day to an oddly placed vase in the kitchen. It was right in the middle of the counter’s usable space. I’d put it there to hide a bleach mark I had made. Yep, my mom was ticked. I would be too. She asked why I hid the spot and I responded, “I knew you’d yell at me.”

One of the biggest reasons kids lie when they’ve messed up is that they are afraid parents will overreact. But a bleach spot on the counter is small compared to some of the big issues kids face and we want them to know they can always come talk to us, even if they think they’ll get in trouble. So here’s how to get a child to talk about feelings, fears, and mistakes they’ve made. We’ve got 3 tools for you to try.

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3 Ways To Show Your Kids They Can Talk To You About Anything
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