One of my favorite kids activities is cupcake liner crafts.  They are always really easy to make and I always have plenty lying around!  I like to buy the large packages of mufti-colored liners so I always have an assortment on hand.

It’s so fun to show kids the things they can create with a little imagination.  Cupcake liners are definitely something they can use their creativity on!

If you love the panda bear, here’s an easy way to make a fun bear craft.

You can even make flowers from a cupcake liner!  These are so cute.  From Meaningful Mama.

Easily make some adorable owls and use them with this fun math game.

Use a red cupcake liner to make a fun crab at the beach!  From Love and Marriage.

This DIY paper crown is so pretty and is made entirely from cupcake liners!  From Mama Papa Bubba.

I love these sunflowers made from yellow cupcake liners and some sunflower seeds.  From Sugar Aunts.

A twist on an old classic, make paper snowflakes out of white cupcake liners.  From Itsy Bitsy Fun.

Use paper and a cupcake liner to make a super cute homemade birthday card for someone.

Make an alien!  This cupcake liner craft lets you get really creative and have lots of fun!  From Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

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50+ Creative Cupcake Liner Crafts