Kids of all ages are obsessively playing Fortnite on their phones, computers, PlayStations, Xboxes and Switches. When they’re not playing Fortnite they might be watching streams of other people playing it on Twitch or Youtube. The game’s almost hypnotizing popularity has many parents worried.

Sarah, mom to nine-year-old Henry, says that Fortnite is different from other games. “He has played other video games, but he hasn’t been so enamored by anything like this before. It’s not like a sports game on the Xbox — it’s really addicting.” She mentions a friend whose ninth grader stays up to 3 and 4 in the morning playing. Brian, father to another nine-year-old, describes walking outside and hearing neighborhood kids screaming about near misses on a Fortnite game like it’s a World Cup final.

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A Parent’s Guide to Dealing With Fortnite
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