Our Vision

Individuals, families, and communities who thrive, transform and uplift.



Our Mission


Strengthening and empowering individuals, families, and communities through research and education.



Our Focus Areas



Currently, The Family and Youth Institute is focused on four areas of research that directly influence the production and dissemination of educational materials and workshops. The four areas of focus are Youth, Marriage, Parenting, and Mental Health and Well Being.





Our Focus Audience


The Family and Youth Institute conducts original research on the factors that promote or prevent the healthy development of families (the present) and young people (the future). The research is then used to develop educational programs and materials that can be implemented and utilized in the community to empower and educate. Additionally, the research is used to inform community leaders and policymakers and direct conversations about healthy and productive changes to systems and infrastructure.

The Family and Youth Institute offers a wide variety of workshops and lectures within the four focus areas. Parents and youth as well as mentors, and educators are the focus audience of many of our programming efforts. The Family and Youth Institute also provides limited consulting services within its area of specialty to other organizations and researchers. Additionally, The Family and Youth Institute offers a range of professional development opportunities for educators and health professionals alike.

Our Focus Output


The Family and Youth Institute is dedicated to the production of educational materials that provide research-based information in formats that are both educational as well as creative. The infographics, videos, and webinars that The Family and Youth Institute has produced each bring the research to life through innovative mediums that impart much-needed knowledge and skills. These resources transform the data and numbers into easy to understand information for the community. The Family and Youth Institute aims to have community leaders, parents, youth mentors, and health professionals utilize these resources to help start important conversations that lead to positive changes within the community.

The research is key in extending our understanding of various populations, issues, and trends. The Family and Youth Institute’s presentations, workshops, webinars, infographics, and videos integrate that research as well as clinical and community-based experience and are tailored to each focus audience.

Additionally, The Family and Youth Institute has produced over 25 publications and reports to date and has been invited to present the research and information at various national conferences and conventions. The Family and Youth Institute also offers a daily article share that has reached individuals in over 30 countries. The articles are a quick daily-dose of research-backed information that covers the four main focus areas of Youth, Marriage, Parenting and Mental Health and Well Being.

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