We learn so much from exploring and interacting with the world around us, that is one of the things I love about our “Science Spot”.  This is the go-to place, a collection of many of our best kid-tried and tested experiments.  We love watching the natural curiosity that kids have, all those “Why?” questions, and seeking to identify the cause to many of this world’s mysteries.  Come back to this page, we hope to regularly update it as more science experiments are added to Quirky Momma.

How does dish soap work?  In this experiment with milk and soap you can watch as the soap breaks down the fats in the milk – it is beautiful!

How do airplanes fly?  Why don’t they fall out of the sky?  Experiment with different types of paper airplanes to discover what designs are the most aerodynamic – measure how far your airplanes travel.

Why do balloons rise?  Witness a chemical reaction and see how some gases weigh less than oxygen as you mix common ingredients in your kitchen – inflating a glove.

What happens when opposites mix?  This easy baking soda and vinegar experiment can help open questions to early chemistry concepts.

What does our heart do?  Make a model heart with your kids and watch it “beat”.

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The Best Kid-tried and Tested Science Experiments
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