A couple’s sexual relationship acts as an emotional barometer, reflecting their satisfaction with other aspects of the relationship. In fact, a good sexual relationship is often the outcome of a good emotional relationship. For these couples, sexuality flows from emotional intimacy based on open and honest communication.

Sex can also suppress the expression of deeper concerns and issues. Some couples may use sex to smooth over disputes. While this may seem to be an easier alternative to actually talking about and working through issues, it is never more than a temporary solution. When a committed relationship lacks trust, is stressed with financial concerns, or is plagued with destructive conflict, neither partner experiences true sexual satisfaction.

The process of talking about sex and feelings about sex can be very difficult, even for married couples. One reason for this is that we rarely have had models for talking about sex. Sex was most likely something you did not frequently discuss with your parents, or even your friends, while growing up. Because of this, sexual issues acquire a taboo-like quality.

Communicating About Intimacy
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