The Family and Youth Institute is both a research and education focused institute and we take community education seriously. Our aim is to provide research-based educational resources and we do this in many forms. Whether it is through our meticulously crafted curriculum that is presented in each of our many lectures and workshops or it is the beautifully developed infographics, not only is the data sound, the output is sincere.

The Family and Youth Institute also provides community education in the form of short animated videos, designed to translate our research into bite-sized inspiration. We encourage you to take a look! Another way we broadcast the numbers out to the various communities is through our many webinars. Through these virtual classrooms, we are able to reach audiences no matter where they are located and we cover a range of topics that fall under our four focus areas.

Additionally, The Family and Youth Institute has a long-running article share where we have distributed over 20,000 educational articles. The daily articles and infographics use research and data to convey information that is pertinent to families and couples and have The FYI “stamp of approval” after being thoroughly vetted by our team. We encourage you to sign up today! You can always search our article archives to find and read the articles that we’ve posted in the past.

We also offer a number of research bulletins and toolkits that can be found in our Education drop-down menu. These resources cover specific areas such as grief, bullying, and identity development in Muslim youth. Make sure you check back regularly, as this section is constantly being updated.

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