Summer activities for teens is set up in a 12-week series of fun things to do. It will give you ideas for summer activities that your teen can do during the week with resources on how the activity is done and perhaps more to delve further into the teen activity. These summer activities for teens can be done individually, with friends or can be done with the whole family.

Each week has four different types of teen summer activities: Make This (Recipe), Craft This, Learn How and Get Out and Go! Each activity idea is fun for your teen.

I created each week to encompass four summer activities that your teen will be able to learn from, just a little, while enjoying it. I’m a firm believer that we learn from experiences and parents offer their teens more experiences when they get a little help with ideas.

Make This:

Hawaiian Pizza
Pizza, a favorite food of most teens, can be made many different ways. The Hawaiian pizza is a summer favorite of my teens. It is simple to put together and an excellent meal when served with a salad.

Learn How:

Grow tomatoes, hot peppers or a flower.
It gives the soul a boost to grow something from a seed and nurture it. If your teen does not have access to a garden, give him a pot to grow something in this summer.

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Fun Summer Activities for Teens
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