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Title Length Description Target Audience  
Mental Health Stigma 1 hr This lecture highlights common misconceptions on mental health and Islam, and discusses mental health issues facing the Muslim community. General
Depression & Anxiety
2 hrs This lecture addresses mental health stigma and provides information on the 2 most common mental health illnesses among Muslims: depression and anxiety. Symptoms and treatment options, and methods of integrating Islamic practice are presented. General
Developing A Personal
Development Plan* (Overview)
1 hr This lecture is a high level overview of how to develop a personal development plan (PDP). General
Developing A Personal
Development Plan* (Detailed)
6 hrs This workshop consists of 3 two hour sessions addressing the process of developing a personal development program. Steps to identify and incorporate external and internal experiences to promote personal development; the process and mechanics of developing and
evaluating a personal development plan, and implementing the concept within a family context. (2 speakers)
Leadership Training
12 hrs This is a 12 hour workshop on leadership, integrating psychology, management, and Islamic sciences. The topics covered include: team building, interpersonal communication, planning and group management. (3 speakers) Organizational leaders
(MSAs, masjid, youth groups)
Anger Management 2 hrs This lecture discusses the issue of anger and how to positively manage it. It includes discussing myths and facts related to anger, as well as 5 strategies to manage it. General

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