Miscarriages can have a profound influence on your marriage, even those that happen early in a pregnancy. Many people are deeply saddened by the loss and find it hard to move forward. But such a tragedy can pull together a couple and make their marriage stronger. “As sad and painful as pregnancy loss can be, couples can use [it] to deepen their emotional connection to each other and their community,” says Helen L. Coons, a clinical health psychologist in Philadelphia. Here’s how to get through a miscarriage and perhaps come out with a stronger marriage –


Jessica Cohen, publisher of bucksmontmom.com, had five miscarriages and carried two children, both who had been part of a set of twins in which the other twin was lost. She says the difficulty of the miscarriages brought moments of frustration and tension, but her husband supported her in the way she needed. “I was really down, feeling broken,” she writes in an e-mail. “I remember one night turning [to my husband] and apologizing because if he had married anyone else, he would have been a father by then. He was amazing.”


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How to Deal with a Miscarriage in Your Marriage
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