Tonight, after you’ve forced open your child’s bedroom door despite the giant pile of stuffed animals behind it … After you’ve somehow managed to tiptoe through a minefield of toys, books and discarded dirty laundry without breaking your neck … And after you’ve leaned over and kissed your adorable little angel’s crusty, crumb-covered face goodnight, consider this:

Your child – who is quite possibly the messiest human being you know – is going to clean up our entire planet.

That’s right. The whole darn thing. He’s going to have to.

That’s because he’s inheriting a world with limited natural resources and a growing population. So for our species to keep surviving (and thriving) well into the future, our kids’ generation will have to make caring for the environment a priority. Not just a once-a-year-because-it’s-Earth-Day kind of priority, either. We’re talking about an every day, every decision they make kind of a thing.

Here’s what we parents can do today to help make that happen:


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How to Raise Environmentally Responsible Kids
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