FYI Marriage Infographic


Did you know that 1 in 3 American Muslims get divorced? Did you know that that is not far below the national average? Did you know that there are ways to help prevent this outcome? By looking at the top 5 reasons for discord or conflict in marriages we can help anticipate areas where more discussion is needed. Prevention matters!

The infographic above is derived from data found in the following detailed research papers:

Killawi, A. (FYI Research Fellow), Daneshpour, M., Elmi, A., Dadras, I,. & Hamada, H. (2014). Recommendations for promoting healthy marriages & preventing divorce in the American Muslim community. Institute of Social Policy & Understanding.

Chapman, A., & Cattaneo, L.B. (2013) American Muslim marital quality: A preliminary investigation. Journal of Muslim Mental Health. 

Rhoades, G.K., & Stanley, S. M. (2014) Before “I Do,” What do premarital experiences have to do with marital quality among today’s young adults?. The National Marriage Project.

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