Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I go to therapy?” If so, do you even know where to start? What questions should you ask when interviewing therapists? How do you know if it is a good fit? Once you start, how do you know if it is working? This multi-part FYI Therapy Guide will help you find answers to those important questions! To make things easier for you, we’ve split this guide into 3 sections:

1) The Importance of Therapy – where we go into misconceptions, signs that might mean that therapy would be good for you, benefits, and a quick reminder about how taking care of your mental health is part of our faith!

2) Searching for a Therapist  – where we take a look at the differences between different mental health professionals, what to look for, consider, and expect when making a decision about a therapist to see, and a list of questions to ask when interviewing!

3) What to Expect – where we talk about what therapy might look like, what makes it a good fit, red flags to watch out for, and how you know if it is even working for you.

This resource is meant as a guide to help you begin your journey or along the way as a reference. Please feel free to pass these infographics along to friends and family and check them out as more shareable social posts as well!

The Importance of Therapy






Searching for a Therapist





What to Expect






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