Sleep is a very important part of any healthy routine. A good night’s rest is a vital ingredient to a fit and active lifestyle. Unfortunately, those who need it most are often afflicted with insomnia. Insomnia in the senior populations is a huge problem. When older adults suffer from sleep deprivation, they become more vulnerable to a wide variety of both physical and psychological symptoms.

In order to avoid these medical problems and unnecessary periods of depression, finding the best way to treat insomnia is the option for you.

Before you can treat it, you must first recognize the symptoms. Insomnia itself refers to when you are having trouble falling or staying asleep. The average adult needs about 7 ½ to 8 hours of sleep every night. Although this value varies slightly between individuals, it remains relatively the same or only decreases slightly as you age.

When you suffer from insomnia, you are not getting this recommended amount of sleep (or are not properly experiencing your sleep cycles).

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Insomnia in Older Adults: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
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