Marriage is defined as so many things –  a partnership, an institution, a status marker, a goal in life, the key to satisfaction and happiness, and so much more. With so many definitions come that many more demands.  What makes up a healthy marriage with all of the stresses and demands of an American Muslim family? How can in-laws help or hurt a marriage? Is pre-marriage or post-marriage counseling really worth it? The Family and Youth Institute focuses on issues of pre-marriage and relationship building because we believe it is an important aspect of strengthening families and communities. Healthy marriages lead to healthy environments for young people to grow up in and around. Below we have a list of resources in the form of articles, research publications, videos and infographics that overview some of the research that The FYI has done on the focus area of marriage.

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Pre-Marriage Advice Infographic - Resized Medium

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Seven Things to Consider Before Saying “I Do”

With reports of unhappy marriages and rising divorce rates among American Muslim couples, how can you decrease the likelihood of becoming another statistic? The Family and Youth Institute introduces “7 Things to Consider Before Saying “I Do.” Check out these research-backed bits of advice to help guide you on the way towards a more realistic and harmonious relationship.

The Family and Youth Institute – Pre-Marriage Workshop

This video gives an overview of The FYI’s Pre-Marriage Workshop.

Before You Say “I Do” – A Pre-Marriage Education Webinar

This introduction to marriage education webinar shared with the audience practical tips and resources to help prepare for the commitment of a lifetime.

Research on Marriage



You can read our reports and publications, learn more about the methodology, and see the vibrant and diverse work that The Family and Youth Institute team has put into the development of these resources.



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