This Ramadan, give the gift of mental peace

Provide those struggling with mental health with resources 

Ramadan is a time for support

When you or your loved one is struggling with mental health, where will you go for answers, guidance and resources that help? Muslims lack mental health resources that address our realities and needs.

  • If you struggle with an eating disorder, how do you approach Ramadan?
  • When you experience symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, how do you address your concerns about mistakes in your prayers?
  • How can you manage your anxiety and still trust in the decree of Allah?
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This Ramadan give the gift of mental peace!

The Family & Youth Institute is working hard to:

  • Reduce mental health stigma among Muslims
  • Increase mental health awareness
  • Create research based mental health resources


Your contribution can give the gift of mental peace

Donation Programs

Every donation makes a difference.


Provides mental health resources to 5 individuals


Equips one community leader with mental health tools


Creates one research-based mental health resource

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