It goes without saying that Muslims, like individuals of other religious and racial backgrounds, experience mental health issues. However, mental health services are often underutilized by American Muslims due to a number of factors including: lack of psycho-education and stigma, lack of knowledge regarding the contributions of Muslims to the field of psychology, attributing mental health issues to supernatural influence (jinns, evil-eye), or the availability of culturally and/or religiously sensitive mental health providers. The Family and Youth Institute research team aims to increase mental health utilization by addressing these barriers to treatment and creating resources that promote access and acceptance.

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The infographics featured here are one way we translate the original research done by our organization (as well as research done by others) into a medium that can be used to spread information and bring light to the issues faced by our community. Click on the image for more information about the research that was used to derive each of the infographics.

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Mental Health Stigma – Webinar

For more reasons than one, many people still do not choose to seek treatment or fear disclosure of mental health issues in the American Muslim community. Stigma is one of the largest factors contributing to this health disparity in the American Muslim community. The speakers on the panel will discuss the impact of stigma in the Muslim communities they serve, share personal stories of dealing with a mental health condition and the path to recovery, and address what we need to consider in order to address stigma in the community.

Check back soon! We are in the midst of developing more videos that promote mental health and well being.

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You can read our reports and publications, learn more about the methodology, and see the vibrant and diverse work that The Family and Youth Institute team has put into the development of these resources.


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