Nadia’s Ramadan tells the story of a young American-Muslim girl who describes the Ramadan celebration, in which Muslims fast, or go without food and drink during the day. She narrates what happens from the beginning to the end of the day and what it means for adults and children. The video ends with a description of the Eid holiday celebration. Detailed lesson plans are provided along with the film itself.

This nine minute film meets the criteria for teaching about religious traditions in the public school classroom, and connects to several national learning standards including the following:

  • 1B.1 ( Grades: K-4 ): Explain the ways that families long ago expressed and transmitted their beliefs and values through oral traditions, literature, songs, art, religion, community celebrations, mementos, food, and language. [Obtain historical data]
  • 7A.3 ( Grades: K-4 ): Compare and contrast various aspects of family life, structures, and roles in different cultures and in many eras with students’ own family lives. [Compare and contrast]
  • 8.8 ( Grades: 6-8 ): Explain the influence of personal values and beliefs on individual health practices and behaviors.

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Nadia’s Ramadan: A Short Film About Muslim Holidays for the Public School Classroom
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