“Guess what? I’m writing an article on anxiety” I texted my friend. She replied “lmao what? Will it be a summary of our message exchanges, self-medicate by regularly texting your equally anxious friend?”. She speaks the truth. If I typed in ‘Anxiety’ into my Whatsapp search bar, it would pull up hundreds of conversations. All of the times I have jumped online to say ‘I have anxiety’, or ’I have a stomach ache/palpitations, I feel nervous or sick’ to my long-suffering friends. According to MIND, 1 in 4 of us experience a mental health problem each year. Anxiety can manifest in various forms and has multiple triggers.

The millennial generation (aged 18-35) is functioning at peak anxiety level – we have been described as the most anxious generation in history.

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Our Culture Of Digital Natives: 9 Ways To Curb Your Online Anxiety Triggers
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