Are American Muslims immune from pornography consumption?

Who is it impacting, when are they starting, and what are the challenges and barriers faced by those consuming pornography?

Preliminary community research

from Naseeha Mental Health and from Young Muslims

shows that pornography consumption is a struggle in the Muslim community.

Although 59% of immigrant-origin Muslim youth* indicated that they viewed pornography,

only 13% felt that they could turn to their families or communities for support. To provide

much needed support for struggles with pornography, The Family & Youth Institute

collaborated with Young Muslims and NASEEHA to conduct preliminary

research which led to the creation of:

Food Management

○      a needs assessment from preliminary research findings

Smart Interaction

○      an article to understand pornography addiction

Convertible Zone

a white paper to provide an in-depth understanding about the research.

Message Board

○      an article to support spouses of those addicted to porn

Food Preservation

A toolkit with endless resources to help all those impacted by pornography addcition

Addiction to pornography

We recognize that consuming pornography is not the same as being addicted to it. Although the focus of some of the resources are centered on addiction to pornography, the resources provided may still be useful to those who are not addicted.

Help from porn addiction

One of the barriers to getting help from porn addiction is the stigma that exists in the Muslim community. Reducing stigma starts with reversing our own misconceptions, sharing that knowledge and empowering others!


embarrassed to get help

1)     "I'm a practicing Muslim woman who has tried quitting porn several times.

I feel so ashamed of myself, and I'm too embarrassed to get help."

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caught my husband

1)     "My marriage is falling apart after I caught my husband watching porn.

What should I do?"


addicted to porn

"My teenage son began spending countless hours in his room after school. Weeks later, I realized that he was addicted to porn."

Learn more about our toolkit

  1. Unfortunately porn addiction exists in our community. That's why we created The FYI Porn Toolkit, to help our community recognize the signs and how. Learn more at

  1. You can help by following, sharing and supporting The FYI for more resources and research. #TheFYI #PornToolkit #Naheesa #YoungMuslims

  1. To provide support

  1. to many Muslims struggling with this issue, The Family and Youth Institute (The FYI), in collaboration with Naseeha Mental Health, created the Porn Toolkit for:

●      Individuals addicted to porn

●      Spouses whose partner is addicted to porn

●      Parents of a young person who is addicted to porn

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