By Sameera Ahmed, Ph.D., Hanan Hashem, M.A., and Muneer Khalid, M.A. 

Black Muslim youth stand at the cross-section of anti-Black racism and anti-Muslim sentiments. What is it like to identify with both of these uniquely marginalized groups? How are young Black Muslims thriving in these conditions? What can adults do to ensure optimal development? Following 10 years of work from the authors who have pioneered research on American Muslim youth and counseling Muslims, this groundbreaking book explores the complex factors impacting Black Muslim youth outcomes. Over the last decade, The Family and Youth Institute has conducted focus groups, needs assessments, surveys, interviews, and reviews that involved over 200 Black Muslim youth, parents, mentors, community leaders and activists across the nation. Centering the voices of Black Muslim youth, this book summarizes the latest research and is a road map for individuals and institutions invested in transforming feelings and experiences of marginalization, to those of strength and resiliency.

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