Over the past few months ZB and Ibs have often asked us what verses in the Qur’an mean. It’s lovely really, sitting together with the Qur’an, trying our best to explain it in simple terms. Their curiosity about this Book despite it being  in a language they don’t understand, is beautiful. This lead to the idea of ‘finding’ a word in the Qur’an every day in Ramadan.

How the activity works: 

1.) We’ve compiled a list of words in the Qur’an. Each word picked is within a verse that we feel we’ll be able to easily explain to our 3 year olds. Every day we’ll excitedly open up an envelope with a word card in it and find the word in the Qur’an.

2.) We want to open up the Qur’an with our kids, find the word of the day within a verse and discuss it briefly. The discussion can lead to more discussion, it can lead to an activity or a craft, exploration outside, reading a book or it can lead to nothing at all.

Examples of activities:

– A ‘phases of the moon’ craft after discussing the moon

– Make felt prayer magnets after discussing Salah

– Read ‘Eric Carle’s The Very Busy Spider’ after discussing the spider

– Make/buy an ant farm after discussing the ants

– Look up the water cycle after discussing the rain

– Pick a night to go star gazing after discussing the stars

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Ramadan 30 Day Activity: ‘Let’s find a word in the Qur’an’
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