Ramadan For Youth

Staying focused, studying for exams, and being productive can be challenging during Ramadan. Here are some ways to stay on top of things and meet the different needs you may have during Ramadan:

Set Goals For Yourself

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Reconnect With Your Friends In Purposeful Ways

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  • Join or create virtual hangouts to do Ibaadah together.
  • Sign up or create a Ramadan challenge.
  • Share your Ramadan goals and hold each other accountable.
  • Arrange iftar gatherings (virtual or in person).
  • If you can, hangout after taraweeh prayers.
  • Find new ways to volunteer in your local community together. Help distribute food to those who need it or organize a masjid clean-up/decoration night.

Study Smart

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Stay Physically Active

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  • Try getting some fresh air by taking a short walk outside (this is a great time to listen to some Quran, too!).
  • Getting a dose of natural sunlight can help set your circadian rhythms and will help you sleep better at night.
  • Physical movement/light exercise releases endorphins that make you feel better, and can boost your immunity.

For Schools

It’s important for schools to provide an environment for Muslim students where they feel supported in practicing their religion. Teachers can also do their part in creating a welcoming space for Muslim students during this month. To learn from the story of one school whose staff worked together to accommodate students in Ramadan, check out In consideration of Ramadan. Refer to this list of children’s books about Ramadan and Eid, which can also be integrated into the classroom.

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Ramadan For Youth