As divorce becomes more prevalent among American Muslims, it is increasingly important for families to understand how to minimize the risk of divorce and build healthy marriages. Although there are various approaches to help couples achieve healthy relationships, little is known about how American Muslims perceive and utilize marriage education programs and counseling interventions, as well as how they navigate marital disputes, and utilize professional and religious-based services to prevent divorce.

This study was commissioned with the following objectives: 1) to explore the experiences of American Muslims with various marriage education programs and counseling interventions, 2) to understand perceptions about the effectiveness and relevance of such activities in the American Muslim community 3) and to develop recommendations to promote healthy marriages and prevent divorce in the American Muslim community.

Researchers conducted in-depth interviews with Muslims in Southeast Michigan, along with an extensive literature review and consultation with a team of experts. This report provides an overview of the literature; describes the study findings; and provides recommendations for community members, imams and mosque leadership and counseling professionals. The report aims to inform existing efforts to help American Muslim couples prepare for and maintain healthy marriages and enable imams, community leaders and counseling professionals to design effective and relevant healthy marriage and divorce prevention programming.

Report: Recommendations for Promoting Healthy Marriages & Preventing Divorce in the American Muslim Community
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