The Family and Youth Institute is a research and education non-profit that aims to support young people and their families by conducting original research and translating that research into mediums that are creative and useful for people like you.

We do this by understanding the depth of the challenges through research and providing solutions through our variety of resources including our research reports and bulletins. Take a look below at some of our most recent publications.


Over the years, The FYI has received requests from individuals and communities for resources to support their loved ones struggling with pornography. The FYI embarked on deepening our understanding of pornography among Muslims and creating research-informed, solution-oriented resources. You can click here to download Porn Report!







Muslim Youth Mental Health Fact Sheet

The Muslim Youth Mental Health Fact Sheet is an easy-access resource for statistics and facts to use in your Youth talks, presentations, khutbahs, and research. The FYI provides the latest information on today’s Muslim youth and their mental health challenges in this fact sheet. You will also find solutions to promote youth well-being for families as community leaders.



Muslim Youth Identity – Who Am I? Putting the Pieces Together

During their teen years, Muslim youth are trying to figure out who they are and what they believe in – just like their peers. Some may question rules and authority – behavior that may appear to parents and other adults as being rebellious. However, these behaviors are an attempt to understand the meaning behind the rules in their lives. This research bulletin examines research on Muslim youth identity development and summarizes it in an easily digestible way. Within the bulletin, you’ll find highlights of the findings and suggestions for how to apply the research to your everyday decisions.

This bulletin includes sections designed specifically for parents who want to help their child(ren) build strong resilient identities as Muslims in America.



State of American Muslim Youth: Research & Recommendations

American Muslim youth are a heterogeneous group, with varying backgrounds, experiences, and needs. Family, schools, and communities can benefit from research on American Muslim youth to improve current approaches in youth programming and development. This report identifies the nuances and complexities of American Muslim youth’s developmental context or environments. It highlights research on underserved Muslim youth populations—namely young Muslim women, African-American Muslim youth, convert Muslim youth, and refugee Muslim youth. Risk factors and behaviors are also highlighted. Finally, eight youth programming recommendations that can be implemented by families, schools, and communities are provided.



Bullying of Muslim Youth – A Review of Research and Recommendations

Given the challenges that American Muslim youth face, it is imperative to intervene from multiple avenues to buffer the impact of bullying and harassment. There is a growing recognition that those interested in supporting American Muslim youth development are often not equipped to provide the support that they need. To address this gap, this report (1) summarizes the research findings on bullying experiences of American Muslim children and (2) briefly provides recommendations and strategies for supporting their development.