More often than not, family life feels very complicated. We often wonder if we are doing the right things to make our family members feel loved and supported, and whether or not we are spending our time in the right ways. As parents in particular, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create a beautiful home-life for our children. But this alone can make us forget the most basic ways of expressing unconditional love.

In my experience, the simple, quiet acts of love have had the strongest impact on my children. In fact, these can be communicated without a single word. None of them require scheduling, and all of them are free.

Here are three totally silent gestures that communicate love to your children powerfully, like nothing else in the world can.

1. Look into their eyes.

It’s harder than it seems at first glance. This became a challenge of mine when I began my business with five children under 11 years old. I noticed I started speaking to my children while I was looking at my phone, or writing “a quick email.” But luckily, I soon realized I was missing that sweet and very deeply-felt feeling of presence that I had cultivated over many years of motherhood.

Now, when my children begin speaking, I put down what I’m doing and look directly into their eyes. This not only benefits them by validating their presence, their value to me, and so on, but it also reminds me of what is most beautiful about my own life. It slows me down and puts all the tasks I have in mind into perspective. I’m always surprised by how much joy I feel just from watching their faces.

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How To Show Your Kids You Love Them Without Saying A Word