Behind the Scenes:

The FYI’s Uplifting Black Muslim Youth Book

We have submitted the last edits to our publisher and are very excited to be releasing our next book titled Uplifting Black Muslim Youth – a positive youth development approach. Here is a sneak peek at some of the content! This book centers Black Muslim youth voices and perspectives to build understanding and provides suggestions to help them thrive.

Conversations on inter-religious racism

“I was really good friends with these Yemeni sisters. I went over (to) their house, and you know, and it felt really awkward ‘cause I dress like this (points to outfit) . . .  I walk in there and I felt like I had daggers looking at me, like I was just like ooh. And then ever since I went over there, I just put on an abaya (a full length outer garment). . . Her mom judged me off that appearance. . . She (friend) couldn’t come over (to) my house for an iftar.  And it literally hurt my feelings.” (Ahmed, 2009)

Conversations on identity development

“We’re trying to find our way from the inside out. And trying to find where we fit in this world. How do we, how do we fit being Muslim as well as, you know, being a, an American and being an African American on, on top of that? ” (Ahmed, 2009)

Conversations on socioeconomic situation

I can relate [to immigrant Muslim peers] but I don’t feel like we can still relate on a certain level . . . I feel okay, they’re my brother and sisters in Islam, but at the same time, like, they don’t know the struggles that I face as an African American. (Khan & Ahmed, 2010)

Uplifting Black Muslim Youth – a positive youth development approach will be available as a free downloadable resource, courtesy of support from Islamic Relief USA as well as a bound copy that will be available for purchase.

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