As educators, you have the responsibility of meeting the needs of all your students as they experience this anniversary. Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an Islamic civil rights organization, usually receives a spike in complaints from students and families on anniversaries of 9/11. Some complaints involve peer-to-peer bullying, while others involve anti-Muslim content in lesson plans. In light of this, Muslim American students need your support so that they can experience a safe and welcoming classroom during this time. Students who are not of the Muslim faith also need support to learn how to interact with their Muslim peers.

In this guide, we provide strategies for creating a welcoming climate and a healthy learning experience for all students.
As parents, you may be concerned about what your children and teens may experience in schools and social circles during this upcoming anniversary. From worrying about them experiencing hate and bullying to the desire to counter narratives, there are many emotions that could be going on. Fortunately, research on Muslim American youth shows that they don’t get negatively impacted when they experience Islamophobia if parents have supportive conversations with them. So your talks and open ears matter!

In this article, we discuss strategies to help your children cope and navigate this historical event.
As a young adult today, you may not be aware of how much life changed for Muslims then and now. Anyone identifiably Muslim joined the list of communities singled out amidst a rise in hate crimes, expansive national security and surveillance policies, and an overwhelming sense of otherness and being “Un-American”. The Muslim community experienced their religious identities come under attack similar to the Prophet (PBUH) and the Muslims of Mecca.
As the world remembers that day, there may be a rise in hate crimes and anxiety, as well as the desire to counter-narratives you may hear in the media.
In this guide, we provide strategies to help you cope as well as resources that can be used to educate yourself and share with others.