We’ve officially launched “With That in Mind, by The FYI,” The FYI’s very own podcast!

We’ll be discussing research, but make no mistake – these conversations are not just for researchers – they’re for anyone who wants to learn how research can improve our lives.

In each episode, we’ll leave you with at least one practical takeaway to apply in your life.

Our first conversation is about a research study – conducted through a series of text messages – that looks at virtue development in Muslim American youth before, during, and after Ramadan. The study was a partnership between Baylor University and The Family and Youth Institute, facilitated by our very own Dr. Madiha Tahseen, Ph.D., research director at The FYI, along with Merve Balkaya-Ince, Ph.D. and Sarah A. Schnitker of Baylor University.

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The FYI’s very own podcast has now launched!