Contributors: Alaa Mohammad Shareef, BA, Duaa Haggag, MA, LPC, Saara Patel, LLMSW, Madiha Tahseen, PhD, Maha Ezzeddine, MA, Ayaz Hyder, PhD, Sameera Ahmed, PhD, Marina Khreizat, Layla Hak, Subarna Bhattacharya, and Sarrah AbuLughod, MA

As the nation goes into a state of emergency and people react to the uncertainty facing us, it’s hard to know where to turn for solid information, grounded advice, and clear direction. The Family and Youth Institute team has come together to produce this list of vetted articles and resources to help you find your way during this uncertain time.

From resources for parents on how to talk to your kids about the anxiety and fear they are witnessing around them to du’a and hadith that help focus our concerns towards our Creator – this toolkit is designed with you in mind.

You’ll find mental health resources written by professionals in the field, tips and tricks for working from home, relationship advice for the closer quarters you may be sharing with your loved ones, and even activities and things to do as a family at home while self-quarantining.


Grieving Loss of a Loved One During a Pandemic

Many of us have lost a loved one or know someone who has lost a loved one. COVID-19 has changed the way we grieve and honor the passing of our loved ones. Try these strategies to cope with some of the unique issues you or your loved ones may be struggling with after the loss of a loved one.


Stress, Anxiety and Managing your Mental Health in the Midst of a Pandemic

Religious and Spiritual Resources

How should we be thinking about the coronavirus from an Islamic perspective? How can we cope with the situation that is facing us in these hard times? Here are some Islamic tips, reminders, duas and stories.

Video for responding to Coronavirus from an Islamic Perspective

A Collection of resources from Yaqeen Institute: “Faith in the Time of Coronavirus”

Dua’s to help you through anxiety and sorrow

Perform the Salat/Dua Al Haja (The Prayer of Need)

General procedural guidance on Ghusl and Burial during the Covid-19 Pandemic from Sunni fiqh perspective

Specific funeral rights from the Ja’fari fiqh perspective

Free Islamic Programming from Qalam Institute, Al-Maghrib Institute and other Islamic livestreams available during the quarantine

A convenient, organized calendar of religious programming to help you keep track


#WFH (working or studying from home)

How to work from home without losing it with your spouse or kids

Try these tips for coping with this new normal

Roommates coexisting when working or studying from home

9 tips to be productive when working from home

Overcoming disadvantages of virtual working

Keeping your cool while working remotely

Check out the parenting section for resources on keeping children engaged while you try to work!

Student Support – College in the Time of Coronavirus

8 strategies for getting the most out of taking online classes

Here’s what to think about if/when your college closes

Free storageU-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage to college students who have been forced out of their dorms.

Organization and Productivity Tips for Highschool and College Students

Help finding remote internships with Chegg Internships, Way Up and Virtual Internships

Teaching During Quarantine

Self-care strategies are a must for teachers who are struggling with missing students but also coping with stress and anxiety

Refer to resources for the unique needs of home learning for Special Education

Teaching through Coronavirus: What educators need right now

What do educators need to keep in mind from a trauma-informed standpoint?


Enhancing Relationships

Relationship strategies to help with togetherness during the coronavirus and being a good partner during the quarantine

Productive ways of dealing with conflict

Learn about Yaqeen’s study on marital satisfaction among Muslim couples during the pandemic

Learn about some preliminary research on the fate of marriages during covid-19

Read about the 7 major issues that caused stress for married couples

Try these 11 strategies for strengthening your marital relationship in a pandemic

Parenting Resources

Do you know how to talk to your kids without increasing their anxiety? How can you help them build a sense of control during this time? The following links provide advice and tips from experts that may help guide your conversations with your children and include videos, games, activities, workbooks and social stories.

Look out for these signs of mental health concerns in your children and teens

Try these tips for creating a mental health friendly home

Your children can bounce back from this pandemic. Think resilience:

Learn about the keys to resilience and how you can foster it in your children

Use your feelings and experiences as way to model and teach resilience to your children

Learn about the 5 protective factors that can buffer your children from harm as they adapt to the pandemic

What is the best way to talk to your kids about COVID-19 from a pediatric psychologist’s perspective

Ways to communicate with children already struggling with anxiety and/or OCD Talking points on COVID-19 from your children’s favorite tv characters on PBS

Avoiding a conversation about COVID-19 may hurt your kids according to experts at the Child Mind Institute

Coronavirus Social Story – a visual story to help all children understand, including those with ASD

Printable interactive workbook that allows children to learn about the virus and explore their feelings about it.

Interactive lesson by Brain POP for children to independently learn about the coronavirus.

A fun music video on ways to protect from Coronavirus

A child friendly poster on Covid-19 by National Health Service

Now that you are home with your child(ren), check out these resources to pass the time and have some fun!

Financial Impact

Financial Hardship Grant from Penny Appeal USA

Federal Student Aid questions/impact can be found here

Free or adjusted internet, phone, and other services/fees: Comcast , AT&T , Sprint

Answers to Federal Student Aid questions and the COVID impact

Alleviate some financial stress with these 15 tips for how to make money on the side

Guidance for small businesses that may be struggling due to the pandemic

Safe ways to benefit from and support small businesses near you

Strengthening Community Connection in the Face of Social Distancing

How to stay connected during times of social distancing

Preventing loneliness and cultivating your community

The art of socializing during a quarantine and social distancing

Sticking together as a strong community

Resources for Immigrants

Plenty of resources for immigrants ranging from unemployment benefits to mental health resources, listed by state.

Coronavirus fact sheets in 11 different languages

Arabic Resources explaining preventative steps, symptoms of the virus, and those who are at risk.

Isolation guidance in multiple languages: Farsi, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Italian, & English

The toolkit is in part supported by the Anna Arbor Area Community Foundation