Welcoming a new baby into the home is such a joy! When it’s the second baby or beyond, this wonderful time also comes with many challenges, including finding ways to connect and offer appropriate guidance to siblings.

Much like this mother has shared, for many children, the arrival of a new baby may bring with it a host of  mistaken behaviors.  Hitting, kicking, spitting, self-care regression like toilet refusal, bed wetting are very common. When a new baby arrives, children may also experience a sudden inability locate a tooth brush or pajamas alone,  they may whine and demand instead of making clear requests. Children may also decide they no longer like certain foods, can’t sleep with the light off, must have mom’s hand to do everything. To top it all off, when mom and dad make an effort to connect and play together, children may respond by throwing intense, long lasting tantrums.  These steps “backwards” are all means for coping and expressing the mix of emotions that comes with a new baby “invading” their home.

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When siblings act out – How to discipline when the new baby arrives
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