The lives of American Muslim youth are complex and impacted by numerous intersecting factors, such as race/ethnicity, family, peers, school, community, and the socio-cultural environment. The Family and Youth Institute focuses much of our research energy on this vibrant segment of our population. Below we have a list of resources in the form of articles, research publications, videos and infographics that overview some of the research that The FYI has done on the focus area of youth.

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The infographics featured here are one way we translate the original research done by our organization (as well as research done by others) into a medium that can be used to spread information and bring light to the issues faced by our community. Click on the image for more information about the research that was used to derive each of the infographics.

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Videos – Animations, Workshops, and Webinars

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Seven Tips for More Effective Youth Programming

Muslim youth were asked to identify their top 4 challenges growing up in the United States. One in Four stated they do not feel supported by the environment around them. Community centers, youth programs, and masjid communities can do a lot to help Muslim youth feel supported. Check out these 7 tips and pointers to plan and develop programming that is sure to impress the young people in your community.

Youth Risk Behaviors – What Can Parents Do?

With the rise of drugs, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and premarital sex among Muslim college students, parents must wonder how they could prevent these challenges from happening in the first place! This video highlights research-based parenting techniques that can help address these challenges.

Six Ways to Build Better Relationships with Youth

As a parent, youth worker, or teacher, you may not realize the impact you can have on the youth in your community. Did you know that young people with mentors are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Those with mentors are also more likely to have a better relationship with their parents; better communication skills; and higher self-esteem. But how do you build positive and meaningful relationships with youth? Watch this video for 6 ways to make it happen!

Homework with Boys – Why Boys are Struggling in School and What We Can Do About It

A school psychologist and former educator discuss the unique challenges that boys face in the education system and what parents and youth workers can do to help them succeed. Sadiq Patel, MSW and Hiat Saleh, M.A. will highlight recent research around this topic and give tips and pointers as well as answer questions that the listeners posed.

“Mama, I Don’t Want Them to Know I’m Muslim” – Raising Kids with Strong Identity

In this webinar, Dr. Madiha Tahseen, Research Fellow with The FYI shares her ground-breaking research in American Muslim identity development and shares parenting tips as well as highlights to her research. Noor Kids founder and CEO, Amin Aaser shares his inspirational personal story of how he went from a kid who bleached his hair blonde to “fit in better” to understanding the importance of integrating the Islamic principles, Muslim culture and American sensibilities.

American Muslim Youth – Stereotypes, Risks, and Resilience

The Family and Youth Institute, in collaboration with the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding (ISPU) recently published a report entitled: State of American Muslim Youth – Research & Recommendations. In this webinar, the authors of this report, Dr. Sameera Ahmed, Sadiq Patel and Hanan Hashem summarized their key findings, gave recommendations and provided valuable insight into how individuals, families and communities can support Muslim youth and promote strength and resilience.

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You can read our reports and publications, learn more about the methodology, and see the vibrant and diverse work that The Family and Youth Institute team has put into the development of these resources.


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