FYI_Infographic_Alcohol Use


The numbers may seem surprising to some! What is the percentage of American Muslim college students who reported drinking alcohol in the last year? When do young people begin drinking? It is interesting to find that most had their first drink of alcohol long before the went away to college.  Does religiosity matter? How can you help young people in your family or community avoid the risk behavior of drinking? Information is key! Learn more by reading about the research that was used to create this infographic.

The infographic above is derived from data found in the following detailed research paper:

Abu-Ras, W., Ahmed, S., Arfken, C. (2010). Alcohol use among U.S. Muslim college students: Risk and protective factors. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 9(3), p. 206-220.

Additional information was included using the following publication: Bernstein, N.I. (2001). How to keep your teenager out of trouble and what to do if you can’t. 

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