The Family and Youth Institute has gathered resources for the following areas and produced them in the form of a toolkit. We hope that you will find these resources useful during times of need. Each of the toolkits includes links to a host of resources based on the topic area.

Elder Care Toolkit
– A good percentage of the American population are part of the “sandwich generation” – people who care for their elderly parents while also raising their own children. The FYI Eldercare Toolkit was inspired by conversations about the unique needs and responsibilities that come with caring for an elderly parent or relative.

Ramadan Toolkit
– Ramadan is a month of spiritual renewal and self-discipline. Many of us are coming to Ramadan this year with varying situations. For some of us, life is slowly returning to normal. For individuals with health concerns, they may continue to experience a socially distant Ramadan. The Family and Youth Institute has prepared this Ramadan Toolkit with practical tips to nourish your spirituality and well-being this year.

Porn Addiction Toolkit
This toolkit offers a range of resources to help readers who are impacted by pornography. Many think that the Muslim community is immune to pornography addiction. However, based on community research from Naseeha Mental Health and Young Muslims, the reality is that many of us are struggling with pornography addiction. The FYI created this toolkit for those addicted to porn, spouses of a person addicted to porn, and parents of a child addicted to porn. Click on the image or the link for more.

Grief Support Toolkit This toolkit offers a range of resources to help readers through understanding the process of grief. Whether you yourself are going through one of the many stages of grief, or you are looking to help and support another, this toolkit has resources for you. From tips on how to talk to children and teens about their experiences with grief to spiritual guidance to support you during a time of need. Click on the image or the link for more.

Suicide Prevention Toolkit
– In recognition of 2017’s National Suicide Prevention Week, The FYI set out to create comprehensive and culturally specific resources addressing suicide risks, intervention, assessment, and prevention. This thorough resource includes information specific to teens, parents, survivors of suicide attempts, their families, survivors of suicide loss, a section for mental health professionals, imams, educators, and additional resources including infographics, videos, and help-lines.

The Divorce Support Toolkit – Getting a divorce as an American Muslim may come with many challenges and little help or support. Lack of guidance may amplify the emotional and physical toll of the divorce process on you and your loved ones, and lack of support may leave you feeling unsure where to turn. With appropriate support and direction, divorce does not need to feel so difficult and stigmatized. Such support can allow you to properly address some of the issues that may challenge you as you go through this process. Proper guidance and preparation can also help mitigate the negative effects of divorce on your life, faith, and spirituality. This toolkit provides resources and practical tips on maneuvering through a divorce, regardless of what stage you are in.

Wellbeing in the Time of Coronavirus Toolkit – As the nation goes into a state of emergency and people react to the uncertainty facing us, it’s hard to know where to turn for solid information, grounded advice, and clear direction. Our team has come together to produce this list of vetted articles and resources to help you find your way during this uncertain time. From resources for parents on how to talk to your kids about the anxiety and fear they are witnessing around them to du’a and hadith that help focus our concerns towards our Creator – this toolkit is designed with you in mind.

Uplifting Black Muslim Youth ToolkitA fifth of the American Muslim population is made up of Black Muslims and it is time for the research and resources to reflect this fact. This toolkit recognizes that our American Muslim communities are varied and the issues we face and the needs we have are unique. This toolkit was built specifically for Black Muslim parents and mentors but also includes a section for non-Black individuals who are sincerely looking for tools and guidance to help increase their understanding of race, systematic injustices, and implicit bias in order to better support Black Muslim youth.

Marriage Prep Toolkit
Research shows that marriage education increases marital satisfaction and spousal commitment, and reduces conflict and odds of divorce. The FYI Marriage Prep Toolkit was developed to help people prepare for the commitment of a lifetime. This toolkit can be a guide in identifying personal expectations around marriage, navigating courtship, determining compatibility, and making the decision to marry. The FYI Marriage Prep Toolkit is based on Islamic principles but can be useful for anyone seeking resources to prepare for a strong and healthy marriage.

Infant Mental Health Toolkit – Do you ever wonder what goes on in your baby’s mind? Are you worried about being a good parent to your young child? During the early years of life, babies are forging their first relationships and developing emotionally, socially, and cognitively, which serve as the foundation for the rest of their lives. Through these pivotal years, how can you make sure your child grows to become the best version of herself? This toolkit addresses Infant Mental Health, an integral component of raising a healthy child, and provides readings and practical tips for you to better understand your child, foster a positive parent-child relationship, and exercise personal self-care.

Digital Parenting Toolkit – Technology changes almost as fast as children grow! Based on community feedbackwe researched and designed this toolkit with parents in mind! This parenting resource will be handy to have as the newest app takes over your lives and you try to figure out how to balance all the devices in your home. From safety steps to dangerous apps to how to commit as a family to a more balanced approach to social media consumption, this guide is for you!  

Religious/Spiritual Abuse Toolkit – Spiritual Abuse, which is also sometimes called religious abuse, is mistreatment inflicted on others using the excuse or rationale of religion, faith, or spirituality. It is important to recognize the signs of this type of abuse, know how to get or provide help, and avoid blaming the victim when these incidences occur. Below, we have outlined a list of resources to help inform our community.

Bullying Prevention Toolkit – This toolkit offers a variety of resources for parents, school administrators andyouth themselves to address and build protective factors against bullying and anti-Muslim sentiment. The resources touch on a diverse array of topics such as coping strategies and legal advice and advice by age and child development stage.

Tragic Event Toolkit – It can be overwhelming to think about how to discuss a tragic event with your children.You may be feeling anxious and struggling to try to make sense of things yourself. Remember what you do have control over and focus on that. Resources in this toolkit include tips on how to speak to your children about their concerns and fears, how to first deal with your own fears and anxieties, and also some spiritual and advocacy tips, among many others.

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