Ramadan is a month of spiritual renewal and self-discipline. Many of us are coming to Ramadan this year with varying situations. For some of us, life is slowly returning to normal. For individuals with health concerns, they may continue to experience a socially distant Ramadan. The Family and Youth Institute has prepared this Ramadan Toolkit with practical tips to nourish your spirituality and well-being this year.

In this toolkit, you will find tips on:

Check out the following pages for research-informed resources based on your unique struggles during the month of Ramadan:

Ramadan is a time to change our habits, heal from hurt, or set new goals. It is the perfect time to turn our focus inwards and think about what we want to improve about ourselves.
In addition to your individual growth, Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to reconnect as a family unit. Experiencing the struggle and hard work of ibadah (worship) can strengthen family bonds.
Even though many mosques have opened up, some of us may not attend large gatherings out of concern for our health or the health of family members. For others, going to the mosque may not be possible because of a restricting work schedule, having young children, or simply not living close enough to a mosque. 
Many of us lost our social support system and faced increased anxiety during the pandemic. Since then, we’ve adapted and found new ways to be in community with others. This Ramadan, try some of these ideas to engage in social ibadah (worship).
Coping with illness in the month of Ramadan is not easy. Use these tips and strategies to make the most of Ramadan.
For recent converts/reverts to Islam, the first few Ramadans as a Muslim can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some tips and resources to help ease your way into Ramadan.
Staying focused, studying for exams, and being productive can be challenging during Ramadan. Here are some ways to stay on top of things and meet the different needs you may have during Ramadan,
This Ramadan, many people may continue to work from home while others will commute to work. Whichever category you fall into, there are many challenges that employees face during Ramadan. Read on for tips on how you can adapt.
Investing time into your health, fitness and food choices can help to maximize your potential in Ramadan! Whether you plan to go to the gym or workout from from home, here are some ways to maintain your fitness routine during Ramadan.